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561 TRANSITION Eyeshadow: Elevate Your Look with a Warm Mid-Tone Pink Base! 🌸✨

Introducing our versatile 561 TRANSITION Eyeshadow, a warm mid-tone pink base that adds depth and charm to your eye makeup. Explore the extraordinary features:


  • Warm Mid-Tone Pink Base: Infuse warmth and depth into your eyes with this exquisite eyeshadow, offering a perfect transition shade.

Crafted in Canada:

  • Triple Milled: Experience the luxury of a triple-milled eyeshadow, ensuring a silky-smooth application every time.
  • Made in Canada: Trust in the excellence of Canadian craftsmanship, guaranteeing superior quality.

Expressive Beauty:

  • Highly Pigmented: Unleash the captivating pigmentation that brings your eyes to life with vibrancy and allure.
  • Triple Milled: Revel in the velvety texture, allowing for effortless blending and a seamless finish.

Versatile Options:

  • Eyeshadow Refills: All shades are available as refills, providing you with the freedom to customize your eyeshadow palette.
  • Over 70 Shades: Choose from a vast selection of over 70 shades, catering to various styles and preferences.

Creative Application:

  • Wet or Dry: Adapt your eyeshadow application to your liking — dry for a standard look or wet for intensified brilliance.
  • Eyeliner Transformation: Elevate your eye makeup by transforming this eyeshadow into a liquid eyeliner using it wet, with our recommended liquid transformer.


  • Not Refillable: Please note that this container is not refillable.