Welcome to The Self-Love Collection by CL!

 Hello, radiant souls! I'm CL, an author deeply committed to healing and storytelling. Through my transformative works, including "Alzheimer's: What They Forget to Tell You" and "BS and Other Childhood Tales We Learned," I've explored the complexities of life. Today, I am thrilled to introduce The Self-Love Collection—a manifestation of my commitment to self-love and self-care.

Crafted with intention, our luxury cosmetic line is more than makeup; it's a self-love journey. Each product is a celebration of your unique self, made with love from cruelty-free ingredients sourced in Canada. Our formulations are free from parabens and sulfates, reflecting my dedication to ethical and conscious beauty practices.

These self-care products are not just about enhancing your outer beauty; they're a reflection of my commitment to nurturing your inner self. Inspired by my journey through loss, unexpected life changes, and the importance of prevention, our products aim to care for your mind, body, and soul.

I am a fierce advocate of inner and outer beauty, a commitment reflected in the ethical sourcing and chemical-free nature of our products. Made in Canada, these products are an embodiment of self-love and care.

So, join me on this journey of celebration, self-love, and embracing your natural beauty. The Self-Love Collection is more than cosmetics; it's a ritual of self-care, an ode to the radiant beauty that lies within you.

With love and light, CL. xo