The Self-Love Collection by CL

Author of Self-Love - What they forget to Tell you. The self-love journey, started after my mom passed away, after her 20 year battle with Alzheimer's disease.  She was with me until the end of her life, and during that two decade period, I always had a role, whether it be mother, daughter, caregiver, wife, friend, collegue etc.  When she passed, I had to rediscover myself and do a lot of introspection, which led me to writing the book about what loving yourself looks like.  After caring for others, it took me a while to learn to love and care for myself. 

The book is the inner work of loving yourself, and these products, are the outer work.

These were the many dreams that either were put on pause, and some that did not take off, due to many reasons. I finally accomplished my goal after 10 years-  a PHD in Education, It is now the right time to launch these products and share this journey with you. 

Our luxury cosmetic line is more than just a makeup brand - it's a self-love journey. Each product is crafted with care, using only the finest cruelty-free ingredients sourced from Canada. We believe that beauty comes in all forms, and our cosmetics are designed to enhance your natural features and help you express your unique self. By using our products, you're not just supporting ethical beauty practices, but also showing yourself the love and care you deserve. Our nourishing skincare and richly pigmented makeup will leave you feeling confident, radiant, and beautiful inside and out. Celebrate self-love and embrace your natural beauty with our cruelty-free line today. 

As I tie in all the elements that I have been working on over the years, including the Reinvent & Restore Foundation that I founded for Caregivers, as I know how challenging that role is, therefore, part proceeds will go to the Reinvent & Restore Foundation, making these products socially conscious.