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542 Bora Bora: The Tropical Elegance of Posie Red and Coral

Smooth and Creamy Perfection: Indulge in the luxurious feel of 542 Bora Bora, a SMOOTH AND CREAMY lipstick boasting a captivating blend of posie red and coral. This combination creates a timeless and classy shade that suits every skin tone.

Harmonize with Darling Pencil: Enhance your lip precision by combining Bora Bora with our matching pencil in Darling. This dynamic duo ensures your lips are perfectly defined, creating a classic look that complements any makeup style.

Versatile Beauty for Every Occasion: Crafted with versatility in mind, Bora Bora adapts effortlessly to any makeup look. Whether you're aiming for a classic, understated appearance or a bold, glamorous vibe, this lipstick is your versatile companion.

Scented Sensation with Vanillin Extract: Elevate your lipstick experience with the delightful scent of natural Vanillin Extract. Each application becomes a sensory delight, adding a touch of luxury to your daily makeup routine.

Luxury with High Gloss and Lightweight Feel: Experience the high gloss, super shiny, and glossy finish that Bora Bora brings to your lips. This ultra-lightweight and hydrating formula ensures your comfort while radiating a luxurious sheen.

Well-Being at Its Core: Feel confident in your choice—Bora Bora is paraben-free, hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, and fragrance-free. Crafted with care in Canada, it upholds the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Cruelty-Free Beauty: Take pride in your beauty routine with a lipstick that's cruelty-free. Bora Bora is not tested on animals, allowing you to adorn your lips with elegance and compassion.

Things You Should Know:

  • Custom Blend: Carefully crafted for a unique formulation.
  • Small Batch Production: Each order is a freshly crafted creation.
  • Support Small Business: Embrace the charm of a locally crafted lipstick.