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Description: Experience the epitome of self-love with CL's 261 HIP, a stunning shade from our Self-Love Collection. This icy pink beige beauty, accompanied by the matching pencil in Silk, transcends beyond lipstick; it's an expression of love for yourself. Revel in the textured luxury of this iconic creamy formula, a non-drying and long-lasting ode to self-expression.

Icy Pink Beige Elegance: 261 HIP in Silk defines elegance with its icy pink beige allure. This shade is more than a color; it's a celebration of individuality, echoing the essence of self-love in every stroke.

Textured Luxury: Our iconic creamy formula ensures a luxurious texture that glides effortlessly, leaving a lasting impression. Non-drying and long-lasting, this lipstick becomes a seamless part of your self-love ritual.

Matching Pencil: Silk: Complete your look with precision using the matching pencil in Silk. This duo, crafted for the Self-Love Collection, emphasizes the details, ensuring your lip expression is flawless.


  • Luxury Iconic Creamy Formula: Non-drying and long-lasting for a comfortable, enduring wear.
  • Packed with Antioxidant Vitamin E: Nourishes and protects your lips, enhancing their natural beauty.
  • Paraben-Free: Prioritizing your well-being with a formula free from harmful parabens.
  • Contains Natural Vanillin Extract: Adds a delightful natural scent to your lip ritual.
  • Made in Canada, Cruelty-Free: Embrace the quality and ethical beauty practices of a Canadian brand committed to cruelty-free formulations.

Variety of Shades for Every Expression: CL's 261 HIP presents a spectrum of shades to choose from, allowing you to express your individuality uniquely. Whether you're drawn to bold or subtle hues, the Self-Love Collection has a shade for every mood.

Elevate Your Lip Expression with CL's 261 HIP – A Symphony of Self-Love in Every Stroke.