Lip Therapy

Wearing lip balm is something that everyone should get on board with. No matter your gender, the fact is that lips are exposed to the elements every minute of every day. And between the intense cold, dry air, and hot sun – that’s a lot to endure! Providing hydration is a must in order to maintain youthful, wrinkle-free lips. If you’ve been ignoring the advice from others and neglecting your lips, here are a few good reasons for why you should reconsider that advice.


Our lips really do have to put up with so much throughout our lives. They don’t get a break from exposure. So it’s important to help them out every so often by keeping them hydrated and moist with lip balm. Lips can easily become intensely chapped and can even crack and bleed if you ignore or avoid applying any hydration to them.


There’s no denying how much our lips can age us. With too much exposure and not enough care, it doesn’t take long for them to shrivel up and develop creases and wrinkles throughout them. This can rapidly age your appearance. Alternatively, when you take good care of them, they take good care of you by maintaining that attractive, healthy and youthful plumpness.


We are all guilty of being a tad lazy once in awhile and instead of looking for our lip balm when we need it; we just lick them instead in hopes that they will look and feel just as good. But licking can actually do more harm than good. Each time you apply saliva to your lips it actually causes the air to quickly evaporate and suck up any of that moisture, which can dry out and chap your lips even more so than before. So be mindful whenever your lips feel dry and you get the urge to lick them. Make the effort to find your lip balm to properly moisturize them.


Exfoliating your lips is also an important way to allow lip balm to properly hydrate your lips. Lips can accumulate layers of dead skin just like your skin. By exfoliating them with a specific lip-based product you can remove that layer and allow that moisture to thoroughly hydrate your lips.

 Think about just how much they’re exposed to the weather. They need every bit of care as your skin does, so always be mindful about applying lip balm to them before exposing them to any weather – cold or hot!  Try our liptherapy collection so you can enjoy soft, kissable lips.